Membership Committee

The Membership Committee works to develop new members through various recruitment efforts and maintain current membership through consistently monitoring the benefits of membership. They oversee the policy and process for membership renewals, the ISA New Member Ambassador Program, and new member applications to present to the Board of Directors for approval. They also hold an Annual Membership Reception to recognize all of ISA's members.

About the Membership Committee

The Membership Committee has 4 major areas of focus, Membership Recruitment, Membership Makeup, Membership Retainage, and Membership Value.

Membership Recruitment

The committee establishes and oversees the process for identifying and seeking out subcontractors in constructions trades where ISA membership is underrepresented. They also identify ways to connect with nonmember companies to attract them to an ISA function.

Membership Makeup

The committee is responsible for maintaining at least 60% subcontractor representation within the ISA membership and report to the ISA Board of Directors on any imminent imbalance.

Membership Retainage

The committee’s goal is to maintain at least a 90% membership renewal rate and report to the ISA Board of Directors on any challenge to achieving this rate. They monitor the membership renewal process the staff carries out annually, as well as the ISA New Member Ambassador Program, while participating as ambassadors.

Membership Value

The committee develops strategies to obtain and assess membership feedback. They provide recommendations on opportunities to add value for ISA membership to the ISA Board of Directors, as needed. Additionally, they monitor the ISA brand and messaging.


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Jhennifer Sanchez
bo-mar Industries

Vice Chair

Dan Drewry
Drewry Simmons Vornehm, LLP

Committee Member

Susan Yieter
Safety Resources

Committee Member

Al Moss
Walker Hughes Insurance

Committee Member

Chris Harrington
Gaylor Electric

Committee Member

Bill Abromitis
Griffin Contract Dewatering

Committee Member

Jason Bainter
Somerset CPAs

Committee Member

Brandon Daugherty
Integrity One

Committee Member

Logan Brown