Looking Through the Lenses: The Future Economic Outlook

The COVID-19 outbreak has spread over 200 countries and all U.S. States. Estimates so far have indicated the pandemic could negatively impact the global economy growth by 3% to 6%*. The economic decline of this magnitude has not been seen in nearly a century. While economists are hopeful for a partial recovery in 2021, the impact of the pandemic will adversely impact our global and local economies far beyond predictions.

ISA and economic experts to explore the future economic outlook. Experts took a deep dive through multiple lenses to determine long-term financial impacts, and how your company should react. Ron Lenz with Katz Sapper & Miller moderated our discussion with Gavin Fox with Blue & Co., Dr. Matt Will with the University of Indianapolis, Jim Crews with Gaylor Electric, and Dan Mole with Old National Bank.



*Jackson, James K., et al. “Global Economic Effects of COVID-19.” Federation of American Scientists, 19 June 2020, fas.org.