Workforce Development: The Inverse Truth

Thu, Nov. 8th - 3:00 pm

With high starting salaries and so many students enrolled in our universities, how is it that we have hundreds of open jobs available in industries across the board? It is not surprising many industries are struggling with obtaining young skilled workers. According to the Associated General Contractors of America, 72% of Indiana Contractors are saying they “are having a hard time in filling some or all positions.”

The Department of Labor Statistic stated during the first quarter of 2018 employers have been looking to fill an average of nearly 225,000 construction jobs each month, yet companies still struggle to find skilled labor. The topic of workforce development has been discussed in depth throughout the years and will continue to be a burning topic for many across the United States, as well as locally. During this educational session, John McDonald with Clear Objects will be presenting “The Inverse of Truth”, where he has collected some of the theories from his fellow technical leaders as to why there are so many open jobs in industries across the board, what could be occurring, and offers possible solutions to the problem. Two interactive panel discussions to discuss the lingering problem of workforce development and how to overcome it will close the presentation.  John McDonald and Chris Price, with Build Your Future, as well as four skilled craftsmen and craftswomen from member companies will have an open dialogue regarding solutions and ways you can help mitigate the growing concern of workforce development. We hope you will join us as we continue an important topic in the construction industry.

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3:30-Presentation by John McDonald, Clear Objects 

3:45-Panel Discussion with Chris Price, Build Your Future & John McDonald, Clear Objects

4:05-Craftsmen & Craftswomen Panel Discussion

4:30-Networking Reception



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CompanyAttendee OneAttendee TwoAttendee ThreeAttendee Four