21 Tech

Thu, Jan. 21st - 1:00 pm

Join ISA for an interactive event on January 21st, where ISA will discuss emerging technology and how your company can use technology to become more agile in your business processes.  Six breakout sessions will occur over the 3.5 hours. ISA encourages you to register multiple attendees so your company does not miss out on any session!

This event is geared for all individuals in your company, not only IT professionals, but for owners, project managers, superintendents, HR professionals, and those in operations to learn about some of the products and services that can help your company stay ahead of the curve. ISA strives to provide our members with exceptional educational events and networking opportunities. While 2020 has provided a challenge to come together, we are eager to provide six interactive sessions during 21 Tech and networking breakout rooms to ensure you are able to create innovative and effective communication. We hope you join ISA for 21 Tech.

Please register below by January 18th. ISA is offering a watch party rate of $85 for 5 member attendees and $150 for 5 nonmember attendees. You may also register a member at $35 per individual and $70 per nonmember individual.  Please check out our company member list here.

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1:00-1:35 | Opening Session by GADELLNET 

2020 is ripe with opportunities for knee-jerk reactions. Your tech stack is no exception. Join GadellNet’s Founder/CEO, Nick Smarelli, as he shares insights he and his team have garnered over the last few years with respect to the process of adopting technology that sticks. Nick will specifically discuss how you can effectively (and quickly) leverage technology over the next 3-5 years to remain agile in the face of unknown forces beyond our control. We will touch on what it takes to maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace, build a first-choice employer brand, and restructure your internal operations for growth.

1:40-2:10 PM | Breakout Sessions 

BREAKOUT SESSION 1: DfMA (Design for Manufactured Assemblies)

During breakout session one, Trent Leinenbach, North Mechanical Contracting, and Jonathon Marsh, Steel Toe Consulting will review the ways the industry can work to minimize the number of components, reduce assembly, reduce ordering cost, reduce work-in-progress, and simplify automation. DfMA is a proactive, holistic planning process that optimizes data and components; which provides safer, on schedule projects that are reliable, and foster an environment of collaboration among all stakeholders.

BREAKOUT SESSION 2: iPaas. What is it and how can it help?

Integrations, connectors, OH MY! These terms seem to be the new buzz words in the industry, but what do they really mean and how can they help your business process? Join Tammy Alexander and Chris Collins with Ryvit to explore the different options available and what impact they may have on your business processes.

BREAKOUT SESSION 3: Harness the Power of Construction Data

With the digitization of construction processes and the use of mobile devices on job sites, we are seeing more data captured from our projects than ever before. This data can be used to improve the overall quality and reduce project risk. But according to a study by FMI, 95% of that data is going unused by construction and engineering firms. Join Manu Venugopal, Senior Manager, Construction Data, Autodesk Construction Solutions to learn how a single data platform like BIM 360 can reduce risk and increase efficiency across every stage of the construction process. During this session, you will learn:

  • The value of a single source of truth for all your construction data
  • What machine learning is and how it can help construction
  • An overview of how software enables prediction in analytics
  • Best practices to get your organization set up to leverage insights from data.

2:15-2:45 PM | Networking Breakout Sessions

Multiple Zoom breakout rooms will be created with a mix of attendees to forge innovative dialogue.

2:50-3:30 PM | Breakout Sessions


There is a proliferation of technology in the construction world right now. With all of these options out there, how do you select what’s right for your company, and what things should you consider when choosing your solutions? Join Travis Voss with Mechanical Incorporated to discuss stacking technologies to make sure everyone in the organization is singing from the same sheet of music.

BREAKOUT SESSION 5: Putting the PRO back in PROductivity

Join Jeff Sample and Rob McKinney of eSUB for a comprehensive dive into productivity for Trade Contractors.

We will uncover the hidden relationships between safety and productivity, analyze the metrics behind calculating productivity in the field and demystify the “Money Ball” approach to construction. We will focus our attention on personnel management and creating cohesive crews, reducing material handling costs, and avoiding the profit killer: rework.  And finally, talk about continuing the evolution of your company and becoming your own disruptor. We will focus on using the data collected to positively impact your companies journey to its future while creating a space to challenge the business as usual approach.

BREAKOUT SESSION 6: The AEC Interoperability Dilemma

In the age of integration possibilities, we must ask the question, “What’s in it for me?”. Without a sound business model and cultural alignment, technology only serves to drive AEC project delivery stakeholders further apart. In this breakout discussion, Nathan Wood, will introduce the components of a construction Common Data Exchange (CDX) and debate the importance of shared incentives to unlock our full collaboration potential in the digital age.

During this session, you’ll learn:

  • The current industry barriers to achieving a utopian “single source of truth” for construction project data, accessible by all project delivery stakeholders
  • The foundational components of data interoperability at the industry level, application level, and project level.
  • The industry software solutions enable their customers to exchange data securely and transparently between their system and another project stakeholders’ system of record.
  • Why a focus on the inclusion of diverse voices and perspectives ultimately leads to improved workflows, satisfied owners, and profit margins.

3:30-3:45 PM | Closing Remarks