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Thanks for your interest in the programs and events that our member companies have going on! The companies involved in ISA are out there doing great things by offering educational meetings and participating in philanthropic activities. Check out the list below for things coming up. Please keep in mind that these are not ISA events and if you have questions about something in particular that you see on the list, you should contact the company hosting the program.

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Barnes Dennig

Past, Present and Future: How Contractors Succeed and Which Trends are Emerging for the Future


Numerous contractors, from small to large, struggle to keep existing clients and maintain a foothold. However, others gain traction, build backlogs, run profitably and penetrate new areas of specialization. So what is their secret? Why do some companies do well while others just barely survive? FMI will present several case studies and distill the relevant factors that make these companies unique and successful. Join FMI’s Jay Bowman for a fast-paced presentation as we aim to:

  • Understand the business imperatives for surviving in the construction industry
  • Recognize the common mistakes contractors make
  • Build a company fit for the next challenge

Jay will also give an outlook on the economic forecast and the trends that are driving the future of our industry.

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