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Taking Work Outside the Office

Two months ago, where were you working? An office, local coffee shop, your couch? Whichever scenario fits you, we can all agree the past two months have drastically changed how and where we work. No longer are the days of the local coffee shop or the confined space of a cubical. In the past two months, the nature of work has evolved rapidly. Individuals are having to change the way they meet, present, and communicate. GadellNet as presented ways your team can stay efficient and learn new ways of working, leveraging our experience with our construction partners. 

Prepared Beyond the Pandemic: Setting Yourself Up for Success

Safety during COVID-19 goes past social distancing and staying at home. In this one-stop-webinar, hear the latest on contracts and safety guidelines as Indiana works to resume business as usual. Join Chris Hall, CHST with Safety Resources, and Pat Drewry with Drewry Simmons Vornehm as they answered top questions about contracts and safety.

Looking Through the Lenses: The Future Economic Outlook

The COVID-19 outbreak has spread over 200 countries and all U.S. States. Estimates so far have indicated the pandemic could negatively impact the global economy growth by 3% to 6%*. The economic decline of this magnitude has not been seen in nearly a century. While economists are hopeful for a partial recovery in 2021, the impact of the pandemic will adversely impact our global and local economies far beyond predictions.


The Future of Space

Join this co-hosted event between the ISA and NAIOP Indiana for a moderated panel discussion on the current and future impacts of the spaces where we live, work, and play.  You will hear from real estate industry insiders and leaders on current impacts on the local Central Indiana real estate market, as well as how developers, contractors, and suppliers can react to the changing needs of owners in this environment.