The Indiana Subcontractors Association promotes the interest of the Indiana subcontracting community and our construction partners as well as the continual improvement of the construction industry.

About Us

The Indiana Subcontractors Association, Inc. (ISA) was established in 1968. ISA was a chapter of the American Subcontractors Association (ASA) focused on leading trade contractors to improve the business environment for the construction industry. The organization did this locally through government advocacy, battling for improved business conditions regarding such things as insurance, retainage, contract language, etc., and providing educational opportunities for members. In 2002, the ISA made a decision to disaffiliate with the ASA due to a dwindling ISA membership roster and funding issues. With 15 members and $5,000 in the bank, the ISA leadership began to rebuild and rebrand the ISA.

Focus turned to building relationships among all sectors of the construction industry to help promote the interests of Indiana trade subcontractors. The goal was to eliminate friction and tension caused by legislative activity or going into “battle” with general contractors and instead approach the industry in a positive way through developing solid relationships helping to foster productive conversation. Through the new ideology, ISA has grown every year since 2002 in membership numbers. In just a decade, the ISA has become a leading organization within the Indiana construction industry with a strong membership.




Dave Mood

Past President

John Abbott
Circle B Construction Systems, LLC


Steve Knitter
Geiger & Peters, Inc.

Committee Member

Tim Whicker
Electric Plus, Inc.

Committee Member

Kristi VanSoest
Safety Resources

Committee Member

Rosemily Geyer
Geyer Fireprotection

Committee Member

Brad Hitzfield
Engineered Facades

Committee Member

Carl Pebworth
Faegre Drinker

Committee Member

Corky Huston
Huston Electric

Committee Member

Kara Jerden
Structural Components Fabrication

Committee Member

Joshua Campbell

Committee Member

Rod Foley
North Mechanical

Committee Member

Joseph Lansdell
Poynter Sheet Metal

Committee Member

Alan Holt
Performance Contracting, Inc.

Committee Member

Mike Summers

Committee Member

Kate DeHaan

Core Values


We create opportunities for general contractors, subs, owners, and affiliates to connect with one another in a meaningful way on a frequent basis.


We represent a trusted and respected voice of the subcontractor industry. This position provides us with the opportunity to have meaningful dialogue with the general contractors and owners throughout the year.


We are committed to identifying, clarifying and promoting trends that will help provide our members with a competitive advantage.

What we do

The ISA is attentive to detail in planning and executing any association activity in order to showcase ISA’s commitment to being a world class organization.  The association provides forums to bring industry partners to the Indiana subcontracting community so that they may promote themselves in a positive manner.

The ISA provides several forums a year for ISA members and others in Indiana’s construction industry to network including the Annual Construction Networking Event of the Year, General Contractor Receptions, Project Rollouts, and an Annual Membership Reception.

The ISA focuses on promoting and including all Indiana subcontractors and construction partner regardless of political or labor affiliation. The association does not become involved in any issue that may be divisive to its membership.

The ISA provides educational sessions throughout the year that assist members with learning about new opportunities, how to do business with industry partners, business best practices, and more.  Education is a pillar of the ISA.

The ISA provides anonymous feedback annually to general contractors allowing for positive, constructive feedback as one voice from the Indiana subcontracting community on how general contractor partners are performing and areas they may wish to improve.  A General Contractor Advisory Council has been established to discuss ways to improve business relationships.

The ISA endorses safe work practices in all aspects of construction and the execution all construction activities, it is expected that all members will work towards creating a world class safety program. All ISA members are encouraged to exceed OSHA standards in their safety programs. The quality of installation and integrity exhibited sets ISA member organizations on a higher plane in the work place.  ISA members are encouraged to meet and/or exceed all building codes and standards.

The ISA works annually with Indiana-based colleges to educate current college students on their opportunities within the Indiana subcontractor community. Students are immersed in the Construction Networking Event of the Year and provided additional time to network with companies that are hiring.