ISA Leadership Collective

The Leadership Development Academy & Launch into Leadership provide a membership service that will collectively advance individuals and save businesses countless hours and resources.

ISA Launch Into Leadership Program

The ISA Launch into Leadership Academy is a 4-month course for emerging leaders covering leadership basics.

Instructed by ISA’s partner in leadership, ADVISA and arranged for individuals new in their leadership journey or for individuals looking to brush up on their leadership skills, Launch into Leadership is designed to provide a foundation for anyone who manages people.

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ISA Leadership Development Academy

The ISA Leadership Development Academy is an 18-month course covering business essentials for individuals on an executive leadership track.

The ISA LDA Class of 2023/2024 is now full.

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About the Collective

The ISA Leadership Collective is a result of discussions with the ISA membership, and specifically, an outcome of the ISA GC Council. ISA recognizes there is a need for a broader educational approach for current construction leaders to sharpen their skills to move the industry forward. From emerging to senior leaders, ISA strives to provide a full breadth of knowledge to prepare each person for the challenges of management and business. Grounded with real world, usable and practical information, the ISA Leadership Collective provides tools for the next level of leadership.