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  • By providing, you agree to receiving text messages from ISA for the purposes of the course. Check with your carrier for rates and charges that may apply.
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    By choosing "I Accept," you are acknowledging that you have read, understood, and you accept the following conditions. (1.) By signing this document, I agree to the conditions set forth by this program. (2.) The ISA Launch into Leadership fees, rules and procedures have been provided to me. ISA Launch into Leadership fees, policies and procedures are subject to change without notice. Such changes, along with dates for their implementation will be posted on the website as early as possible. (3.) On a prescribed date, or upon publication of a new version of any program description, form, policy, procedure, or fee, all previous versions are considered obsolete. The effective date for each will be printed on the appropriate document. (4.) The ISA and the ISA Launch into Leadership logo are sole property of ISA and may not be used without written permission. (5.) Each applicant is responsible for informing ISA of any address or change in contact information in a timely manner to receive correspondence. (6.) ISA Launch into Leadership completion does not constitute a license to practice engineering or construction. (7.) I commit to attending all classes and understand that I may be disqualified for attendance issues. (8.) I understand that the program is for educational purposes only and that ISA, the instructors, and/or anyone else affiliated with the class is not responsible for your company’s success and/or business practices.