LDA Committee

The Leadership Development Academy Committee oversees a high-quality leadership-focused learning program that is recognized by the Indiana construction industry that provides ISA member companies the opportunity to engage individuals that exhibit the potential to someday become executive leadership within their organization. The program provides real world knowledge for these individuals to grow towards becoming executive leadership.

The LDA Committee has 4 major areas of focus, Curriculum, Alumni, Program Marketing, and New Programming.


The committee continuously review the curriculum to ensure that material presented is up to date and appropriate for the level of students participating in the class. They will monitor the instructors to ensure they are high-level professionals within their respective companies and receive high marks on student surveys. Additionally, the committee will provide guidance to instructors on ensuring that sessions are interactive and engaging


The committee provides oversight on plans to keep program alumni engaged with their cohorts after their graduation from the academy. They help facilitate connections to professionals who can provide additional education opportunities to students who have graduated.

Program Marketing

The committee serves as ambassadors of the program, helping to spread the word of the success of the program to member companies who aren’t yet participating. They also provide feedback on marketing efforts of the academy.

New Programming

The committee holds periodic discussions and make plans as necessary to increase the offerings provided by the academy. This could be additional education for graduates, professionals who are newer to the industry, or another segment of the membership.


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Joseph Lansdell
Poynter Sheet Metal

Committee Member

Steve Knitter
Geiger & Peters, Inc.

Committee Member

Lindsay Fernandez
CC Brandt Construction

Committee Member

Brad Hitzfield
Hitzfield Group

Committee Member

Jeff Chandler
Taylor Bros. Construction Co., Inc.